Top 20 Challenges As A Blogger

This post is aimed at providing solution or answers to problems faced by Bloggers. A blogger is simply a person who passed information about personal thought or ideas through a blog or website. Many people blog for passion, others blog for promotion while majority blog for money.

Blogging is actual one of the ways to make money online, promotion of an article or work and to make a presence online, if you've want to learn how to blog, what it means and how to set up a blog, then see Start Blogging

 Challenges Faced by Bloggers & Solution

1. Lack of time to Write.
2. Lack of Internet Connection.
3. Lack of computer.

4. Lack of Phone e.g Blackberry, Iphone, Andriods, Ipads etc
5. Low Traffic.
6. Low Page ranking.
7. Low Backlinks.
8. What to Write.
9. Lack of time.
10. Discouragement.
11. Scam.
13. Low Traffic.
14. What to Write.
15. What to Blog.
16. Online Payment Issues.
17. Grammar and Error.
18. Earnings.
19. Fake Money Making Tips.
20. Copied works.

This is just a list of few problem faced by bloggers or internet marketers, if what you are facing is not listed above or somewhat related, then you need to stick with Earn Online for various solutions to this problems.

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  1. you are right man, these are the problems i am facing.

  2. Thanks for the comment, the detailed answers will be provided on this blog with time.


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