Online Earnings vs Health

The internet is the best place to have fun, communicate with friends and family, make money, work at home, invest, blog etc. People spend more time with the computer or phone than to watch television or read newspapers to have real time for rest.

But, the Online business gurus, internet marketer, work at home moms will spend more than 15hrs trying to make money online. Earning cash online is not a get rich scheme definitely more time is needed to make money online thereby making you spend several hours.

Especially those who take surveys to earn, those who do ptc, those who blog etc spend several hours online without considering the health status and finding ways to improve on it. I believe health is wealth and we as online earner all need to share ideas on how and ways to make money online that will favour hour health status.

10 Ways to Balance Online Earnings and Health

1. Get a more faster internet connection because it saves time.
2. Use automatic login software to access many site at once.
3. Use roboform software to fill forms online automatically
4. Invest little time and set your online hours of work.
5. Do walking or jogging frequently to stay healthy.
6. Try to drink milk often
7. Create a good plan and strategy for your work online.
8.  You may choose to use screen shades to protect your eyesight.
9. Don't stress yourself because of money simply do your best.
10. Identify your body, don't cheat it, eat good food,don't copy others and take some rest.

Above all, every online earners need not combine online work with offline/office work, simply set time to balance both online work and offline. Always have a good rest. This is my advice for online earners to always keep their health while the online cash continues to roll into your paypal, lr, western union, payza or domiciliary account. Thanks


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