How to Withdraw From Paypal In Nigeria

Paypal is the most widely used Online Payment Method in the world which allows you to send money, receive money and also sell/buy product online. PayPal is widely used by online earners and many internet marketers in Nigeria have used PayPal to receive money for job done or online sales

Some countries are not listed for their operation thereby making Online business a bit difficult but there ways you can withdraw from your Paypal with or without country inclusion but recently Nigeria was listed among countries that can use it for online transactions . Paypal offers free and quick prepaid card with Bank account details

Ways to Withdraw Cash From Paypal in Nigeria 

1. You can withdraw PayPal right here in Nigeria by linking your local bank debit card to the Paypal. This was made possible by Paypal inc for Nigerians living in Nigeria to withdraw money from their Paypal or make online transactions with it.
2. Add your USA Payoneer Mastercard and withdraw any time with the prepaid card.
3. Look for a friend or relative who has a working Paypal to help in exchange for liberty R or payza.
4  Use your Paypal funds to buy online and send it to your home address.
5 Transfer your Paypal money to your US bank account and cash with Atm card.
6. You can use your Paypal fund to pay for services like hosting services, build affiliate site and offer for sale. in exchange for cash via western union or check. 

Never get involved in any online marketer or Ebook claiming you could withdraw your money with currency exchanger site because most of them are scam. Use the following ideas above to withdraw your cash and see the difference.



  1. I agree totally with you poster, but i run ma paypal in Nigeria successfully with the help of vpn. simple

  2. Having a Paypal account makes it so convenient to make financial transactions online. I use Paypal for everything from buying stuff from online stores and for receiving payment from online projects that I do. It's a great service.

  3. thanks for the comment

  4. i really have to commend you guys for your comment on this topic. I love paypal and it has made payment online very easy. Thanks

  5. I perfectly agree with you on this one, but i have a very reliable currency changer that i use. I've also recommended them for my students. I can give you their address if you want

  6. How do you guys receive and send money via paypal now since i learnt that Nigerians paypal accounts are restricted, in other words now Nigerians paypal accounts can't receive or send money...
    How do i use paypal now to receive and send money from Nigeria?

  7. i explained it in the post that Nigerians use Payoneer MasterCard to `withdraw PayPal money


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