How to Make Money During Valentine

Valentine Day celebration is fast approaching and the rush for gift items for loved one is trending now. While many people are thinking of buying valentine gift, we want our readers to make money during this period. You can make money from those who seek valentine day presents.

Many of our readers usually don't regret reading our tips but to learn to earn money from any available holiday or event. We have something similar here on How to Make Money during Africa Cup of Nations.

How to Earn Money During Valentine

1. Sell Gift items : you can make money during valentine periods by selling valentine gift items like romantic valentine cards, perfumes, make ups, powders, beads etc.

2. Blog about Valentine : You really need to start a blog about various valentine events, valentine news, trending wears, etc while you make money integrating online advertising money making program like Google Adsense or Addynamo.

3. Sell Beautiful Flowers : Selling lovely valentine flowers can also earn you some cash during this valentine periods. Since its a period for lovers, then beautiful flowers will always get high demand any day.

4. Clothings : Selling of men wears or women/ladies wears is also a good business for valentine day celebrations.

5. Jewelries : Gold and other jewelries sellers are already earning big this season of love. Why not make money with valentine by selling jewelries.

6. Sales of Phone ; many lovers will prefer to buy mobile phones as gift for their loved ones, phone like Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry, Andriods, Galaxy tabs are leading and attractive mobile phone as valentine gift.

7. Food Items ; this is another item that can be left out in any festive periods, you will see more people visit fast food for ice creams, snacks, hot dogs, cold drinks etc. You will make money selling food items either offline or online packaging during this period of valentine.

8. Car Business ; there is always movement of new thing or gift items during this period, why not rent you car to make money or use it as transport during this period. Your truck can do this more while you earn more.

9. Catering Service ; this applies to the caterers or anyone who knows how to bake valentine cakes, snacks, small chops, rolls etc. Your service as a caterer is needed now at this period of valentine.

There are so many ways you can earn during valentine, just study the need of the people in your environment and pick any area which will work perfect for you. Then start making your money. Thanks.


  1. Good business ideas @ poster

  2. everone thinking of love in valentines and u r thinking of money making in valentine,such a business mind you are,hat's off :)

  3. thanks, av just got something right

  4. You realy become a business man....

  5. Quite a good list of ideas to earn money. Thanks


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