How to Make Money During Africa Cup of Nations 2013

The Africa cup of Nations 2013 which will be hosted in South Africa is near and the 16 teams are preparing to be the best. While other are spending money watching the football matches, we need to teach ourselves on the various ways to make money at AFCON 2013 Nations Cup.

This may be referred to as Sport Business where we make money with sport especially during the football fiesta. The 2013 Africa Cup of Nations is the biggest event right now, we need to enjoy it and make money with the football event.

Ways to Make Money During AFCON 2013

1. Blogging : you need blog about the event
and ensure you post regular fixture of matches, team and players. You will make money integrating some ppc program like Google Adsense or Addynamo.

2. Sales of Jersey : you could make money from the Africa Cup of Nation by selling jersey online or offline. You could sell colorful jersey of the 16 teams where you will make some sales.

3. Sales of Fixtures : many people make money through the selling paper fixtures of the Nation cup. Many football lovers like to follow hard copy of fixture especially their favorite teams.

4. Score Prediction : this is another great way to make money with your money through predictions. Google for good score prediction site, make prediction and earn cash with it.

5. Sport Calendar : you can make money creating a lovely calender showing beautiful pictures of their teams, players, coaches and fans.

The following way of making money describes above are the best way to earn during the Africa Cup of Nations. Feel free to add more ways of earning during this event and let learn from you. Thanks


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