How to Get a Payoneer Mastercard

Payoneer Mastercard works like any other prepaid card which is widely acceptable any where in the world to make payment online. The Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard is a reliable and one of the best online payment method. With this card, you accept payment online, make payment online, withdraw through Atms, make online bank transfer, buy hosting services, etc.

You could easily get a payoneer debit mastercard for your online transactions or online business  through the simple process described below. You only need to get the card, activate it , load money into it and you start making payment with it.

3 Ways to Get Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard

1. Payoneer Login page : you may choose to apply for this prepaid card at payoneer login page. Sign up, fill the required document and request for the card.

2. Infolinks : this is an ads network which allows site owners to make money through their website. you can get a payoneer prepaid card through this site by signing up as a publisher. During payment option, you choose payoneer mastercard as payment method where you request the card and provides detailed and original address for shipping.

3. Review site : a good review site to get this card is reviewme where you sign up to review product or site and get paid for the review. You may choose to be paid with Payoneer prepaid card. The card will then be shipped to your door step if only you provide a real address for shipping.

Payoneer Prepaid card has made payment easy and i bet you, this card is worth trying if you really buy/sell online or you make payment  online. Use this three method and be sure of getting this card for payment purposes. Thanks.


  1. just signed up with them some days ago I need to upload my international passport b4 my account is verified. nice post

  2. thanks for your comment on this topic

  3. This post is really helpful,i need the Mastercard with urgency. i can you my old blog to apply for the card from Infolinks, I hope it works

  4. Nice post. I need it for my site payment

  5. ok bro, you can use it for your blog bro


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