Can we Trust the Government ?

The Government are our leaders while we remain a loyal followers. We elect them to represent us and provide a good environment worth living. I only seek the government to make we citizens happy by fulfilling their promises with no flimsy excuse.

I wonder what is really happening in my country now. We performed our civic right and responsibilities by paying tax, voting, obey traffic rules, make money legitimately etc while we wait for the government to also performed it duties at the right time.

The Government Promised to ;

1. Give Government grants
2. Pay Retirees
3. Give Government Loans
4. Provide good road Networks.
5. Provide Government Jobs.
6. Provide Basic and Social Amenities.
7. Provide good standard of living.
8. Quality Health Service.
9. Clean Environment.
10. Quality Education.
11. Good Transport system.
12. Security
13. Quality Banking System
14. Assist Medium, Small and Large Business
15.  Modern Agricultural Practices
And Many More

Considering all listed points, the expectation of the citizens are high and we expect more from the Government. But the Question " Can we trust the Government to fulfill all these" ?

God bless our country, the Federal Government and the people of this country. We will keep believing and praying for our Government for us to live a good life. Thanks.


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