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Facebook vs Google Plus

Recently, Facebook announced it has over a Billion active users while a recent study show that the Google plus badge has over 3 Billion clicks a day. It shows that Both Google Plus and Facebook are really great social networks. Since Google plus is own by Google inc, it has many advantages especially for site owners while Facebook is also relevant for site or business owners. Both Facebook and Google plus can help us earn with website or blog. Internet expert believe Google plus is very relevant when it comes to blog or site visibility on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. But with the introduction of Facebook pages and groups, people tends to use

What is Online Business

Online Business is simply described as a way of making money through the internet, while others are busy using the internet for fun. Online business is wide and according to expert, you really need to understand what works for you. Many also referred online businesses as work at home jobs, data entry jobs , online jobs etc. Generally, its a way of making money online or earning cash online. The essence of this post is to show you what online business means and how to get started with it. The Requirements for Online Business

How to Spend Your Time on Internet

With my internet connected phone or laptop, i spend more time online due to the fact that i made the internet my friend . Many may not have seen the internet as a big market place where you can buy and sell , promote your website, product and services. Many may see any internet things as scam but its not  so. I have seen a good number of young guys spend time on 2go chat, Facebook chat, yahoo chat, dating site etc while others are seriously making money with their internet connected gadget and time. This is just an Advice for the jobless and telling them on simple things to do to earn money. I wish i had this information some years back. Nevertheless, its never late for us to learn from each other and let earn cash from the internet. I have little things i do to make money online

Top 10 sites for Data Entry jobs

We aimed at providing you with the best site that provides legit date entry jobs . Legitimate Data entry jobs are site which provide online jobs for internet users to work from home and get paid for completing any project or work assigned. Actually another way to make money online . There are many online data entry job sites but we are going to list the ones that makes the top rated data entry jobs from home. You simply work from home in front of your computer and get the jobs done. Note : you need to get your preferred method of payment   which maybe Paypal, direct bank payment, western union or payza before signing up for this online jobs. But if you don't have Paypal , you are free to use Graphcard which can help you claim your checks. Learn more about Graphcard now .. Top Rated Data Entry Jobs 1. Scriptlance :  visit Scriptlance for more.

Top 6 Online Paid Ads for your Brand

Many entrepreneurs believe Advertising is the soul of Business. The more adverts your Brand get, the more money earned. Your brand may be your blog, website, sales page, affiliate links, products, services etc. You need to get more information on how to make money with your brand through paid ads . A paid ads is simply the kind of ads that requires one form of payment or the other. You pay for online Advertisement of your goods and services with paid ads, the following paid ads seems to be the best and it proven to be the most effective form of online advertisement       The Top 5 Paid Ads 1. Google Adwords : Google adwords seems to be the best pay per

How to Post Free Adverts on Craiglist

Craiglist is a free classified ads site which allows you to post your ads or adverts freely on any categories of product or services listing. Craiglist can be seen as the best buyers and seller online market place where buying and selling takes place. Making money online may involve placing ads either on paid or free advertising site. You may post your ads freely on Craiglist by choosing the best category for the product or services, choose your targeted country and make a listing. You make pick the best and trending categories like cars, phones, electronics, gift items, computers, sports, jobs, insurance, etc.And your ads are well writing and submitted, then you are sure of making money from the sales generated from such free ads.           The Steps to posting ads on Craiglist  Your ads may be a sales page or affiliate link code