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How to add Facebook like button with Count on Blogger

Facebook has just announced that its has over a billion active users, this is good news to the biggest social network which currently rank No1 in the world according to alexa ranking. It means Facebook traffic can easily be gotten by installing some Facebook share widget especially Facebook like button which shows the number of count you have when Facebook users liked your link or site. Facebook like button installation is very simple on your blogger blog, and it has proven to be the most effective widget for blogs or website aside the Twitter follow widget with count . Just follow the simple step on your blogger blog and get it done with ease. The installation. 1. Login to your blogger dashboard. 2 . Click on template just above the laout menu. 3 . Click on proceed. 4 . Press ctrl F and search for this code <data:post.body> 5. Just below it, paste this code.    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;static_page&quot;'> <iframe allowTra

10 Things That can Make Your Business Grow Bigger

 This post is a compilation of fact and successful tips from business consultant and experts, providing a detail point on how one could make his/her business grow. Since the world is changing and more people are going into creation of small business to make money. In order to make your business grow , you need to see the point described below, read it, work on it and see the change. I did the same thing and now my business is growing which means more money is being made.  10 Things That can Make your Business Grow Bigger 1. Hardwork : for a business to grow bigger, one has to work hard, work smart and do the right thing at the right time and never to neglect time investment and its factor. Working hard may not be enough but to work smart and efficient 2. Giving : Many successful business expert believes that to be rich, you need to distribute your wealth by giving some part of your money to the needy, charity and motherless baby. The world richest men like Bill Gate and

How to Earn on Google

Google is the biggest search engine in the world with lot of offline and online money making programs . You can actually earn or make money with Google if you choose among the best tips described below. You can  make money by promoting your product or services on Google. Since many internet users used Google to search anything, then i think its reasonable to display your product or services and also make money with your website using Google program. The role of Google in business can't be look down because Google in indeed great for earnings , profit and business. Ways to Earn from Google . 1. Google Adword : You can earn  from Google with Google Adword which is a paid program from Google that allow users to display your product or services in form of a link or website to Google search results. When people search the keyword of your product or services, your site come up which definitely will give you greater views or sales of such. Big companies in the world use Goo

Google Adsense is Legit

Many people ask this question 'how can i make money online ?' and best and sure answer is to earn with Google through a program called Google Adsense . Google Adsense is a program which allows a website owner or blog owner to make money displaying online adverts on their site. Google Adsense is a legitimate way to earn online . Google Adsense has paid lot of work at home individuals,  online marketers, online jobbers etc. You can also make money from Adsense from free blog site by starting a free blog on blogger or wordpress. Big names are still earning with Google Adsense, some drop Adsense and others are yet to earn with it. Google Adsense is legit and has proven to be the best way to earn money with your own site irrespective of any niche or what you blog about. You may disregard other false proof of earnings from some online marketers but surely Google Adsense remains the best especially for new online earner. How to Earn with Google Adsense. 1 . You need

Dangote Sugar Post N15.36bn Profit

This post is good news for those who make money from the purchase of Shares . Dangote Sugar was among the top 25 listed companies in West Africa according to Forbes publication. Dangote Sugar Refinery plc is a company in Nigeria and has just announced a gross profit of N15.36bn for third quarter. The result, according to a statement by the company shows an increase of N5.19bn compared to 2011. Dangote Sugar had reported a profit after tax of N5.728bn second quater which ended in June30 2012, which results to a 91 percent increase, above the 2.999bn recorded in 2011. The company ended the period with a turnover of N53.698bn, up by ten percent from N48.597bn posted in 2011. The refinery's performance received a boost with the introduction of Dangote vitamin A fortified sugar in kilogram. 500grams and 250 grams. According to the statement, the acceptance of the new packages in the market has been a source of encouragement to the management as it set to achieve its goals. Th