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Addynamo is Legit

Addynamo   is a legitimate site which allows website owners or bloggers to make money with their website. Addynamo is a pay per click program which works exactly like Google Adsense. Addynamo can also be used along with other pay per click like Google Adsense. Addynamo   is legit and it pays website owners based on any valid click on the ads place on their site. Site or blogs with huge traffic can make more money with this pay per click program. This site is one of the best way to make money online now. How it work Sign up as a publisher (it only takes 2 minutes). Addynamo generates an HTML tag for each ad placement you want on your website. Place the HTML into the source code of your website & start earning cash. How to Get Paid As long as you've earned more than the minimum payout amount, you'll get paid on the first day of each month. Ad Dynamo Card $ 50 PayPal $ 20

Webcam Earnings: Good or Bad

Not long ago, i wrote a post on 15 Things i wouldn't do to make money and as i was only trying to surf through yahoo messenger room, i got invited to people inviting me to watch them on their web came for free. The web camera users see this as a way of making money, but really i experience some interesting things in there. Despite i prefer gmail chat but i still want to have some fun with yahoo chat rooms. This girls are making money on their free web camera. Still many see this as internet fun and how to make money with it, i believe in other ways to make money on webcam and not what i see from this chat rooms. Common False ways to make money on webcam 1 . Indecent dancing for money. 2 . Singing for money. 3 . Posing for money. 4. Indecent snapshot for money. 5 . Indecent act for money. Their are product and services you can allow people see on webcam and make money  from any sales of such product and not indecent act and some funny show of shame practice by this f

Online or Offline Advertisement : Which is better ?

Advertising or promotion of one's product or services now have 2 different ways of advert which involves the online advertisement and the offline advert style. The offline advertisement used to be the popular way of advert like radio, television, posters, hand bill and newspaper adverts  while the online advert involves the use of internet. Online advertisement or internet promotion is the popular kind of advert which involves the use of blogs, forum, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads program etc. With the recent announcement of Facebook that its has over a billion active users and Google being the biggest search engine in the world. According to survey, people tends to spend more time on the internet. The internet seems to be friends with lot of users especially the social network users. Facebook ads and Google Adword program are the common online advertising program with lot of views. The offline advertising system like posters, radio, bill etc also stands as a

PerfectMoney or Paypal: Which is better ?

Paypal and PerfectMoney are currently the best online payment method which allows easy sending and receiving money from sales, online shopping , personal or industrial purposes. Both payment method are widely used all over the world as long as the transaction safe via the internet. Paypal may not be applicable as a means of payment in some countries while Perfectmoney is widely used a the best medium of payment in most countries. PerfectMoney ensures real account security  for the users by providing real verification for liberty reserve login. Some security verification is also seen on Paypal. Funds can easily be transferred on both payment method with PM giving out an account number that look like U547xxxx and Paypal needs not an account number but email. Both are the top online payment method widely used by online marketers, workers and online earners. Paypal seems to be above PerfectMoney mostly in the area of work at home, data entry jobs and many other online busin

How to Earn on Facebook

Facebook has just announced it has over a billion active subscribers and one begins to wonder what the future holds for a big social networks like Facebook. But you can also earn money from this huge users of Facebook while maintaining it fun. This is the simplest way to make money online if you have not been earning online. Earning on Facebook is like making money on Twitter but the difference between Facebook or Twitter is that twitter allows unlimited followers while Facebook restrict the amount of friends you can have but also unlimited Facebook fans and likes. Earning money on Facebook is quite easy if you carefully read this post and learn some few tips. While many people are busy chatting, reading messages and having fun on Facebook, you could also have that same fun and make money with your Facebook account. Ways to Earn money on Facebook 1. Friends : if you have a huge number of friends on Facebook like 4,000 and above, you can easily earn cash with your fri

Is Money Really Evil ?

Many people believed in a popular quote that says " Money is the root of all evil " while some few people seems not to fully believe in this quote. We work hard , do business, invest, blog and buy/sell different things just to make money offline or earn money online. According to this quote, it means the money we earn can therefore be a source of evil or good when not properly used. Some people say the goodness and evil in money depends on the individual who spends or earn the money . But let quickly see below to show how money can be used as good or evil. When Money Becomes Evil 1 . Money becomes evil when you focus desperately on making money. 2 . When the greed for acquiring money increases. 3. When you kill to make money. 4 . When you sell your body to earn money. 5 . When you sell your soul to make money. 6 . When you kill to achieve greatness with your money. When Money Becomes Good 1 .When you feed the poor with your earned money. 2 . When you don