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Top 5 Online Shopping Site

The interne t is seen as a big market place where one could buy and sell online . Shopping is gradually moving from offline to online because shopping seems to be making more sales online but it requires a more legitimate site to shop online . Internet shopping is the best with these four (4) online shopping site because they give the best in shopping with well structure delivery service with the best online payment method for the buyer. You can shop online for cheap cloths, shoes, grocery, electronics, furniture, jewelries, electronics, computers, phones, music cds, television, building materials etc. Top 5 Online Shopping Site 1. Amazon . 2 . Ebay. 3 . Craiglist. 4 . Best buy. 5 . Buytheprice. These are the top 5 trusted, reputable and legit site to shop online, pay for good bought and get it delivered to the buyer. But if these site are not available to you in your country, you are free to google more about the best online shopping site , get the site reviews on

Yahoomail vs Gmail

Yahoo!Mail is a free email service offered by the big American search engine giant Yahoo while Gmail is also a free email service from Google. Both Gmail and Yahoomail are both free email service that allow users to send and receive free short sms, emails and chats . Gmail and Yahoo!Mai l provides instant chat for users and are both used as lo-gin info for many sites like Facebook or Twitter as well as many other site. Email service from yahoo(Yahoo!mail) used to be the most popular until recently when Google is gradually taking over yahoo in terms of mail service and programs. Although, Yahoo!Mail have more email user than Gmail but just recently, Yahoomail service is gradually getting difficult to login especially on mobile,this is making Googlemail attract more users. Imagine, how long i will be having problem login in to Yahoomail either on mobile phone or on computer, then one will rather switch to a better email service especially Google Email service. In terms of Money

Trending Ways to Earn on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the popular and legitimate site that allows you to earn money online based on the kind of service and product you want or can offer. Fiverr works like an online selling and buying site, but this buying or selling of good, brand or services is called gigs . It means you may describe a gig on Fiverr as an item, skill or services you want to buy or sell to make money. Any gigs on Fiverr either you are buying or selling has a fixed prize of $5 . There is nothing you sell or buy you will definitely earn or pay $5 for it. Fiverr works by placing your gigs in form of advert on their site which when a buyer or seller place an order on it, $5 is transferred to your account. That is why working on fiverr is currently the best way to earn cash online if you really have what to offer. Below shows some trending ways people are making money online on Fiverr. Ways to Make Money on Fiverr 1. You could sell physical things 2 . You could sell your hand made craft. 3 .

Things You Should Share on Facebook

Facebook has just announce that it has over a billion active users which makes it not only a powerful social networking but the most visited site in the world according to alexa ranking. Its means, it has a become a place for brilliant brand or business exposure with real Facebook traffic . Due to the careless information shared on Facebook , i wrote 15 Things yo shouldn't post on Facebook and now due to the importance of Facebook, i see reason to tell you Things you should share on Facebook that will change your life and earn you some money. Things you should share on Facebook 1 . New information about your product, website or brand. 2 . New pictures about your product, website, services or brand. 3 . YouTube videos about your product or brand. 4 . Links, photos and videos of your products or brand 5. Your talent, business or service you render. 6 . If you artist, your latest drawing 7 . If you are a musician, your latest music. 8 . If you are a Blogger, your lat