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15 Signs You Are A Facebook Addict

Some times ago, children and young adult get addicted to watching television and home videos, but the advent of the internet, laptops and phones made addiction to be shifted from watching television to the social  media like Facebook. This Facebook addiction is getting serious and i believe every addiction is a bad thing. Now, you may need to check the following signs below to check if you are addicted to Facebook either on phone or on your laptop.You might never realize you are a Facebook addict untill you find it necessary to responds to message from friends, gist and to chats. I felt you are addicted to Facebook if you do the following ; 1. When you login to your account several hours in a day. 2. When you wake up in the morning and the first thing is to check your Facebook wall. 3. When you sleep side by side with your phone or laptop to check Facebook update. 4. During intimacy, you grab your laptop or phone to check Facebook 5. At the sight of any internet connected phone

How to get Traffic from Facebook

Many site owners and bloggers have argued that traffic gotten from search engines like Facebook or Twitter   may reduces the cpc on the ads such as Adsense placed on such sites but the online money makers and the earn money online see Facebook traffic as a great tool to make more money online due to exposure of their stuffs on Facebook. Traffic from Facebook not only depends on the number of Facebook friends the owner have but some other features also needs to be studied for traffic generation from Facebook which also applies to Twitter. Even on twitter, one also needs to study how to get traffic by Re-tweeting . Hence, the various ways to get traffic from Facebook are explained briefly below 1. Facebook Adverts: this is the quickest and fastest way to get popularity and traffic to a site, sales page or a product. Facebook advert can quickly allow huge fans, likes and recommendation on such thereby getting huge traffic. 2. Facebook Likes: even with a low number of Facebook fri

What You Need To Know About Re-tweeting

Twitter is known to be the fastest growing social network in the world with various short updates called tweets . These tweets can be inform of photo sharing, music or videos, information dissemination, news , some latest happening, self post and  many other displays for you followers to view. Re-tweeting is just a simple way of re sharing someone else's post or links. Your post on twitter can easily be re-tweeted if the twitter user likes it or found the tweet interesting. Hence, re tweeting a tweets has lots of advantage which are briefly explained below ; 1.Popularity : if you own a site and you want your site, sales page or link to be widely known, then you need to re tweet others people tweets. Imagine if any of your twitter follower with over 20,000 followers decided to re tweet your tweets to her own followers with thousands of followers too, then there is no way your tweet will not get the popularity based on different exposure on twitter. 2. Traffic : i never kn