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10 Best Article Writing Site

Have you been thinking how you can make money writing or submitting your article online, then this is the right post for you. Writing online is just the same way you write with your pen and paper but this time, you write inform of typing with your internet connected computer. This kind of online job may be called freelance writing because you write at the time you feel or like to write, post your article to some legitimate site and get paid for you work. What you need 1.Originality of content : it means the content of your article must be created by you 2.Uniqueness of content : you article must be unique 3. Quantity of content : you must be able to write above 300- 700 words 4. Your payment method : you must define how you want to be paid or any top payment method you like which maybe paypal, lr , moneybooker, payza, payoneer cards etc The Top 10 Article Writing site 1. Expertcolumn 2. Hubpages 3. Scriptlance 4. Freelancer 5. Elance 6. Bukisa 7. Squidoo 8. Triond

What To Blog

Many people write or blog for many reasons which ranges from product advertizing, article promotion, making money , expression of feelings, information dissemination and many more. Few hours back, someone ask " what can i blog " and my responds was the same thing am writing as a post now just for my readers to learn and find interesting when it comes to choosing what to blog. See essential tips for a new blogger. For you to start blogging , you must choose the type blog you want and find very easy to write on. It may be a personal blog or business blog.You know that a personal blog will deal with more of personal experience, area of expert, gist, new information or happenings around you while the business blog will be for the purpose of making money, advertising a product or engaging in some referral link practice just to make profit. Now the list below is just a brief areas of some trending niche which a one or new blogger can pick and start to blog. Always rememb

How To Make Money on Twitter

Twitter is the fastest growing social networks in the world and earning money through twitter is best explained on this simple money making tips. Making money on twitter requires no special skill or expert course but your internet connected computer and the number of your Twitter followers. Unlike Facebook, Twitter has no restriction or limitation to the number of twitter followers you can get it means twitter allows users to have as many followers as possible and tweets many times as you like provided you are not spamming the group with links. Someone ask "how can i make money on Twitter" and i responded with the same answers i listed below 1. Twitter Traffic: you can make money on twitter through the traffic you get on it to your blog, sales page link or tweets. It means, if you have more than 100,000 twitter followers and you post the link of your blog, product or sales link, definitely the responds and interest will increase sales or readership on your stuffs th