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5 Things I Wouldn't Do To Make Money

Due to the high rate of unemployment and high cost of basic needs, people struggle to find a way of making money or find a way of earning some extra income offline or online. But the negative effect of making money comes when an entrepreneur could not make sales, or jobbers refuse to get paid their monthly salary or wages.Then desperate ideas on how to make money set in which may be harmful.. Just as i told some of my friends, that i will not make my money through any secret means but to work hard, do business, market, sell , invest , start to blog ,buy stocks and shares and participate in some small scale business. You may add your own ways of making real good money but for me, here are the things i wouldn't do to make money ; 1. Illegal Means : many engaged themselves in illegal practice like offline/online fraud, online scams, forgery, stealing, fake money transfers and unauthorized sales of copyright materials. I see these as illegal way of making money and you need to

How to make money online

I see many questions about making money online on different forum and blogs and i see reason to give my own trusted and best ways to earn money online just as others do. Making money online requires no special skills but just your computer and internet. You only need your skills, put your skills into practice and work online. But you need to have any good online payment method like paypal, liberty reserve, payza, payoneer, moneybooker, 2checkout, online bank account to receive your money etc Here are different ways to make money online and some legitimate site you can use  1. Online writing : you can earn money online by writing articles online for some good website to get paid.Your writing must be on original, unique content and high level of creativity.Site which offers such services are triond, ezinearticles, hubpages, squidoo, e-articles etc you can google more of this. 2. Blogging : blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but definitely a good way to make money onlin

How Safe Is The Internet ?

The world is now a global village with the advent of the internet, many activities takes place more on the internet than ever. The time spent on the internet daily, weekly or monthly varies for different people, many spent an average of 5-6hrs while other spends more.Many see the internet as a big marketplace ,a place of entertainment while other see it as a relaxation center but how secure is the internet? The internet is generally known to be a place for the activities listed below and in one way or the other, the users get satisfied with its usage. 1. Search Engines : we spend most of our time on search engines like google, bing, yahoo ,ask altavista etc. mainly for research purpose, to find or to seek knowledge on latest things. 2. Social networks : i don't think anybody can do without  google plus, facebook and twitter because those are the biggest social networks for now. Many may spend hour chatting with friends, posting link, gisting and many more. 3. Online Gam

Essential Tips for a New Blogger

Blogging is just a simple way of expression of thought, event, experience, happenings and lots more.While its a big money making tool for many online business workers and work at home jobbers.Whereas, a new blogger see blogging not as anything but a way to earn online.Many start blogging to share experience, many blog for money, many blog for writing, many blog to advertise their product while others blog for passion. A new blogger new to be very equipped with so much information about blogging if you really want to make money from it. I never have the chance of getting this free information about blogging but i felt i should share my own experience i got from blogging and will explained them briefly here ; Key tips for successful Blogging 1.The platform : a new blogger needs choose a platform which best describe the kind of blogging practice to be rendered.The new blogger needs pick either the wordpress or blogger.A new blogger should know that a blogger platform is free wh