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How to Get MTN 2hrs Internet Plan For Pc

I've been using the new Mtn internet data plan for quit some time now and i see the need to let you know how you can get it done on your laptop or desktop computer using your phone as a modem or you USB dongle with your Mtn sim card. This Mtn internet data plan is very fast and reliable but can only be used withing 24hrs duration allocated to it.It charges N250 for this setting. It works very well on your laptop or desktop with very fast internet speed. How to get it . Getting this done is just a simple process, just send 2h to 131   on your Sim card, before then ensure to load N250 on the Mtn sim card. within one seconds of sending this, you will receive a notification that welcome you to the internet plans. How to check the remaining hours You can check the remaining browsing time by sending 2 to 131 to check the time used or the brwosing time left on the internet plans. The internet speed for this Mtn 2hrs internet plan is very fast and no need for MB calculation b

The Difference between Work at home jobs and Office job

There are two types of job in the world today namely, office job and the work at home jobs.The office job is the normal work you do when you wake up, get the bus and get paid by the end of the month in form of salary or wages.Whereas, the work at home jobs are the internet jobs when one sit in front of the computer and work to earn some money online.   Work at home : work at home jobs are often referred to as data entry jobs or online jobs where you sit and work using your computer and the internet connection. work at home jobs include blogging , affiliate marketing , online writing, freelance writing, online sport business, buying and selling online , web design, programming, online graphic design, pay per click program , online marketplace, internet adverts, email marketing, surveys, online typing jobs , translation jobs and many more. Office jobs : these are the real jobs that makes you get paid in either salary or wages.Office job are jobs like admin officers, accountants

How To Invest Online

The reason to invest is to make profit or gain material things from one's investments. But all these action or process of investment can also be carried out online which is called online investment. Online investment is also a money making practice which will allow you gain on the long run. Mind you, this is not a get quick rich scheme but true investment. We are going to discuss briefly the types of online investment, how to invest online and where to invest which will be grouped later on this page.When many people see online investment, what comes to their mind is scam or they may lose money due to untrusted online investment.Sincerely, you are not going to invest money alone but their some other investment one can do online and make some cash. Now, see the various ways to invest online ; 1.Adverts : When you invest in online adverts or other advert, you are investing to the future of your business. Investing in paid adverts or free online advert is a key tool for your

5 Ways To Run A Small Scale Business

Every entrepreneurs running a small scale business or large scale business do so to make money, make profit and and gain business trust in the market. Some entrepreneurs believes small scale business can also survive and make earn some cash like the larger companies if the business owner run it properly and follow some certain business condition which are briefly explained below ; 1. Your Mentor : ask yourself if you've really gained lots of business tips from your mentor and how well have you followed his success tips for the growth of your business . Entrepreneurs learn from the success line of the mentors to achieve successful business which means the role of mentor in business can be helpful and useful. Read more about  mentor and its role . 2. Take a decision : running a small scale business needs you to decide if you can control your niche, your market and your business environment.Before you start the business, decide what kind of business you like, the kind of mon