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Why we need to Blog

Blogging is just a way of expressing our emotions, passing information, update and putting our thinking into writings for friends and family to see.Many blog for so many reasons which will be highlighted later on this page.Blogging has lot of advantages and cannot be neglected because even the big companies in the world will still have a small section of their site for blogging. I strongly believe the work at home, online writers, online marketers,online shoppers, online earners etc will see blogging as a huge tool for their business. Now, we need to blog for the following reasons ; 1.Business: blogging in business is a very huge tool for the one's business because it enable you post important things about your product for the customers.Blogging your business will enable you get a feedback from your readers, users and buyers inform of adverts. 2.Making Money: We need to blog in order to make money by writing online, selling some stuffs online, working online and also inte

Payza Direct Bank Payment Method for Indians

This is a good news for all Indians working online or making payments online using the former Alertpay now popularly called Payza. Payza which ranks amongst the best online payment method announced their intention for all payments and transactions made in India to be paid directly to their local banks either by withdrawal or making cash deposit by funding their account without using money exchangers . Payza through their website indicate a bank withdrawal method which means all Indians can now transfer their earnings on payza to their bank account directly from their dashboard.Many called this a good news for online payment while others still ask the question of the fees.But according to payza, the withdrawal or deposit comes with a zero transaction fee. What is Payza : payza is a global online payment method which is used to send or receive money any where in the world, it is also used to shop online, make payment, receive gift items online etc Payza works just like any othe

How to Attract More Visitors

Entrepreneurs engage in different kind of business to make money, some entrepreneur are involved in buying and selling, import and export, online business, blogging, programming, production, film making, soap manufacturing, art, web design, oil and gas etc.But the internet is fast becoming the market place for advert called online advertising which in turn brings new viewers called visitors. Every business needs new visits in one way or the other. To a speaker, the new audience is the visitor, the reader of a novel is its visitor, the customer or consumer of a product is its visitor, the viewer of a blog or website is it visitor and so on. In return the viewer, reader or consumer might have paid for the product or somehow satisfied with the quality of service rendered by the owner which bring more profit. Getting new visits to your online business, trade, product, your show etc need awareness and the internet already have the following: 1. Facebook/Twitter : facebook and twit