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How to Make Money on YouTube

Watching videos on YouTube took a new step when Google bought YouTube thereby providing an opportunity online users to make money and get paid for their effort.There are many ways to earn on YouTube which only two of such ways will be discussed below. Instead of posting and watching free videos on youtube you can equally post some product for view and you earn . 1.Adsense for video : Many makes their money on YouTube by integrating adsense for videos on their site by posting it on YouTube and for any valid watch on related video inform of ads.But its very important to read adsense for video program policy before applying, integrate the codes and adsense for videos begin to show.Th videos must be self created and no copyright contents. 2.Product review : You can also make money online with your videos by writing reviews for some highly used product which may vary from electronics, food, gift items or general product.Many claim its very easy to make money simply b

Legitimate Sites to Make Cash

  Many people who tends to make some money online are faced with the question of getting to know the real and legitimate site that pays well and not the one that you will work online, invest online ,render some services online and never get paid for such.But here is a list of site that pay their online workers based on customers review, the site you can make some real cash are ; 1.Adsense : to make money with Adsense, you need a website or blog which can be either wordpress or blogger. better still start to blog .After some weeks you can then register with Adsense to start placing targeted ads on your site and you make money on every valid click after which the money will be sent to you.Sign up with Adsense if you are in line with their policy. 2.Addynamo : to make money with addynamo , the steps explained above needs to be followed that is get a blog or site and register with Addynamo to place ads on your site.But the good news with Addynamo is that it pays directly into your

Top 5 Security Tips for Online Transactions

The internet is well popular for various Online and Offline activities which connect the whole world in usage.Many people see the Internet as a market place to sell, to buy, make payment, make money, advertise some product, share ideas,  connect with loved ones using some social networks like twitter or facebook while many other work online inform of writing, blogging, teaching, coding, billing and making payment . Despite this online transactions, we still need to keep our information safe in order to avoid being scammed.The ideas below shows good way on how to secure our online information. 1.Public cafe/Computers : Many people uses public cafe/computers to access some vital information on their Credit cards, ATM cards, Travel documents and some payment sites forgetting to log-out and clear the computers.This public computers should be avoided because some vital info can be retrieved even after the user must have left. 2.Social networks : Many get carried with social networks lik