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When choosing a Job--what are your priorities?

With an increase in the rate of unemployment and lack of Jobs all over the world,job seekers are face with the problem of seeking and getting jobs either relating to their field or skills just to make ends meet.Now for those who are gainfully employed or job seekers,what are the things you considered when you applied for your present job or what do you seek when you want to apply for a job in a company.Just a brief description under the following conditions: 1.Hours of work : i believe the hours of work option is very important when making an agreement with an employer,but a job not more than 8hrs is ideal with proper working condition.Unlike many entrepreneurs who work for themselves or many who work online and do some sort of work at home internet business.Many online business is rather a work from home jobs where you sit in front of your computer but the offline jobs requires a particular hours of work which varies from countries to countries. See is hard work enough? 2.The pay

Top 5 Online Payment Method

Doing business requires payments in one way or the other either to make payment, receive payment or transfer payment for job done,sales,service provided or any online deals.Here is a brief list of the Top 5 Online payment Method that are reliable and widely used all over the world.See Top 3 investment ideas 1.Western union : This service allows payment by phone,in person,payment online,pay bills online,pay bills in person,pay bill by phone,money orders and some Prepaid Mastercard.The good thing about this service is that it allows users from all over the world and offers some online exchange solution. 2.Paypal : Paypal is an online payment solution which allow users to send money online,receive money online,accept bank transfer accept credit cards.Paypal basically allows various payment to be made on the internet.But some countries are not included on their list due to reason best known to them. 3.Prepaid cards : Prepaid cards such as Mastercard,visa card or discovery card are als