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Top 3 Investment ideas working now

Many business minded people used to make so much money by investing in real estate,insurance,banks and so many business ventures but the current economic meltdown which occurs greatly in 2008 might have cause collapse on these investments.Many countries like Greece,Spain and as well as some countries in Africa.And individual and companies who invested in shares also experience the loss of their investment and the aftermath of this is serious unemployment,lack of savings,collapse of many companies all over the world.But despite the global meltdown,some real investment also survived which are: 1 . Fixed Deposit : many people saved their money in the bank especially in current account which may last for more than 4month without any interest but deductions in one way or the other but investing in fixed deposit not only save the money but also gives interest based on the percentage of interest of such bank because it varies from from one bank to the other provided the bank is a reliable o

Get the latest on your phone with MTN Afrinolly

The big communication giant MTN is introducing a good online service which give you latest news,gist,pics,pictures,videos etc from Nollywood on your phone called MTN Afrinolly .The service is aimed at providing some entertainments to their users on mobile.They get the latest Nollywood movie trailers ,music,videos,celeb gist and so much more on their phones.See Etisalat data plans for smartphones MTN Afrinolly can be used on Blackberry phones, Nokia phones and Adriods devices and more smartphone devices will be connected later.MTN gives interesting  updates as long as it entertainment. How to get connected Visit to download the application follow the installation process either with your Nokia phone, Blackberry or your Androids which works perfectly with this service.Its a great service with lots fun especially from the Nollywood stars which makes it easy to rate and access the performance of the Nollywood industry.For proper care of your Blackberry read how to car