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Is Hard Work Enough ?

Many people work hard to be successful either in Businesses or Jobs to achieve success, make more money and become a consultant but the question " is hard work enough "? makes me wonder if working hard makes one a super achiever.Yes,working hard brings success and breakthrough but i realized that the more energetic and strong men don't even earn as much as some who use their brain and works very comfortably in a cool and well furnished office while some works right there in the sun with lots and lots of energy and not many successful stories to tell. See how to be wise Many times, the level of education and understanding of the job and business could make you rank higher than others still it never work in some cases.If one makes money based on hard work, then the bricklayers and truck pushers should earn more money but reverse is the case.I realized that the highest earners and successful men in the world only enjoys what they do and work a little but it takes one thing