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How to work with

Image is a good websites which allows highly skilled freelance writers from all around the world to submit  their works and get paid for it.Their main goal is to give writing professionals an opportunity to write according to their level of expertise and get paid for it.This site never exchange information about our writers with other companies or websites. Our writers work as a team of highly competitive individuals, with a great share of respect for each other. One of the great things about our company is that our writers do not need to be citizens of the United States or even have a work permit. We value people for their abilities, not for their citizenship or status.See how to work with websanswers In order to qualify as a writer you must, first of all, have a valid email address and a phone number (preferably, cell-phone) that you can be reached by and good in Eng

How to care for your Blackberry

Taking care of your Blackberry not only makes it look good but also makes it last longer.The best way to care or a maintain a Blackberry is to make sure its performance and memory is well managed.This practice will make the phone work faster.and smoother. See how to care for your Ipad . To make your blackberry work faster or run smoothly, you need to clear out Event Log which tracks everything the Blackberry does in order to help with debugging and troubleshooting.To do this, hold the Alt key and type Lglg to bring up the Event log screen.Press Menu key and select Clear log then " Delete ", To get back to Home screen press Escape Another way to care for your Blackberry is to increase the speed of Web Browser by clearing out the cache.Open your Browser, click on Menu key and select "Options" select cache operations.Click clear " history " then click all the " Clear button " below.Answer yes it pops pushed contents and press Escape to r

Get free facebook with Etisalat

The big communication giant Etisalat is introducing a new etisalat facebook bundles with the facebook mobile application.This allows all users to get and enjoy free facebook on their mobile phones.This data bundle also allows users, one month of tagging pictures, sharing albums, facebook chat, playing games and more-all on facebook on your phone. To get free facebook : 1.dial *229*1*3# ot text "fbm" to 229 on the link you get to download the facebook for every phone mobile application 3.login with your facebook details to register. 4.Also see the etisalat bundles for smart phones if you are using a smart phone. The see the table below for details of the etisalat facebook bundle plan.         Plan     N    Subscribe (dial)   Subscribe (sms )       Daily       25       *229*1*1#     fbd to 229      Weekly      100      *229*1*2#