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How to be wise

Wisdom is the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge one has.But I thought of this question;how to be wise? I figured out that its takes a lot for one to be wise and also become a wise man.I see that wisdom goes through several multilateral process within the brain from information transmitted into it from the outside.Through my findings,i came up with the following tips on how to be wise and the steps to attain wisdom listed below: 1 .Strive to know what you don't know,what you cannot do,what you hate,what is false,what to let go,what to let stay and you shall be wise.It is necessary to forget your failures and move ahead for success.Read this tips about faillure and see how dangerous it is to embrace failure. 2 .Put time and knowledge to proper use and see the change. 3 .You must be prepared to think wisely,to read and to be scientific in thinking. 4 .You must be prepared

The new Etisalat data plans for smartphones

The communication giant Etisalat, is out with a new data plan for smartphones.It means all customers with smartphones can now enjoy the new easyblaze data plans and free call at 20kobo/secs to any network with no access fee.Smartphone users also enjoys 30% data special on every subscription with fast internet and high speed browsing and surfing the internets using your smartphones. And the data bundle rates are

How to work as a tutor with TutorMyBrain

What is TutorMyBrain? This is a site which allow a new level to tutoring and making money online.It allows you to teach student either online or offline anytime or whenever you want and earn some cash as a reward for the class.The site makes it so simple that you can teach for few minutes or long hours depending on choice of work and the student come directly to you. Get more information about online jobs here Why should i join? can set hours of work and rates can teach any student in any part of the word using a voice chat or text 3.your profile is visible and can be search for job get paid base on the charge per student get alert by sms as a reminder for jobs 6.there is no weekly/monthly charge or fee but you make money and get the commission How does it works ? 1.sign in with TutorMyBrain 2.create a profile that shows the area you tutor,your experience and your educational level 3.Whenever you decide that you want to tutor, login to your tutor