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some safety tips for drivers

Driving can be very interesting and useful especially when at work,going for work or in business but any slight mistake or distraction cause accidents and may cause death.Safety tips that can help prevent accidents while driving are as follows; 1 . Don't drink or eat  It is very risky to eat or drink while driving since you may be distracted while you are taking the food and it may result to fatal accident,please hold your hunger and be safe 2 . Don't drink alcohol Avoid taking alcohol whenever you want to drive because it serves as an intoxicant and when you are intoxicated or drunk you might lose some sense and your life is at risk,hence you need to stop this. 3 . Don't watch movies A good number of people are fund of reading or writing when driving which is bad,you might get involved in the book and lose focus and your life is in danger if you do so 4 . Don't apply makeups Even if you want to look good and apply makeups,your car should not be the mirror or

About Big Brother Africa 2012 StarGame 2012

The biggest reality show in Africa is back again with a huge sum of US$300,000 for couple that wins.With a tricky couple game for 2012 edition will be hot and entertaining.Big brother surprised the winners of the last edition with good pay but now its a different couple game this time.Kudos to karen and wendall for becoming the winners of the last edition. The big question If you had a huge sum of $300,000 what will you do with it?  1.Chop it till it drops 2.Start a business or buy property 3.Pay more for your education 4.Get married 5.Change your family's life 6.Fly away to other countries These are some of the questions awaiting the winners of this year BigBrother Africa. What do we stand to gain Even as viewers,the organizers of this event has promised surprises,real entertainments and lots f give away items by voting online for the choice of housemate and you stand a chance of winning a prizes like ipad, laptops ,phones etc.But i wonder where the guys are gettin

How to care for an ipad

An ipad is also known as a line of tablet computers designed as a platform for audio-visual media including books,movies,music,games,internet etc.From first model to ipad 2 and ipad 3 all with an improved gadget and highly defined functions.The screen of an ipad is made of glass and it has a special oleophobic coating to protect it from fingerprint and the various ways of protecting an ipad are listed below.If you need to chat freely using your mobile,then read this about whatsapp messenger apps How to care for an ipad 1.Don't drop it on hard surfaces because it can break 2.Always clean the screen with a soft,slight and damp cloth. 3.Do not clean an ipad with a window cleaner,aerosol spray, alcohol or abrasives. 4.You can also wear a skin a protector 5.Care for your batteries by replacing the old worn out with new ones 6.You can also care for the batteries by charging 100% and run out completely 7.Keep an ipad out of heat above 95 degrees for an extended period of time