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Chat for free with the new mobile apps called whatsapp

I found it necessary to spread this information to you guys after chatting,pinging and sending messages with my phone for free for quite some days now,yes it real.It is called the whatsapp mobile messenger apps.It allows you to chat and send messages to your loved ones for free using your mobile phone.whatsapp work perfect on iphones,andriods,blackberry,nokia and so on This mobile messenger apps allows group chats,multiplatforms e.g all phones,free mms and sms which includes music,images,text and videos. How to get started   getting started with this apps is just too simple,just pick up your phone and download the whatsapp messenger now You will be given an option to pick from which ranges from your phone type or model e.g download for mobile,download for blackberry,download for symbian,download for nokia etc.just download the apps with your phone type or model,register with your phone number and the chatting begins The good news here is that it works for facebook chat,yahoo chat

How to forsake your flimsy excuses

George Washington carver said 99% of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.Most human being are fond of fetching excuses to justify failure and some setbacks making up some excuses.if you must be successful this year,you need to totally erase this concept of excuses.Excuses only bring you down and ensuring you never rise again but with these points below,you can equally rise and move forward.If you really want to discover yourself then you need to read this post on how to discover yourself Getting rid of flimsy excuses 1. do not be complacent :complacency is an act of becoming satisfied with little achievements.over the years,studies has shown that complacent people are never great achiever or business men.because great achiever will always want to learn more,work more,see more which will later leads to good transformation and more not make yourself a local champion but an international achiever who stands to gain a lot 2 . pray for change :irresp