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5 best social bookmarking site

Social bookmarking sites are sites which provides internet users or site owners with opportunities to organize, store,share and manage their bookmarking makes it easy  to provide links of very useful information to the public.Its also important for site owners to signup with these sites for good increase in traffic,popularity and search engine optimization.your link will enable user to rate your site,give it a thumbs up and leave a good and important tips about the site is that they post your link on their site and on other search engines for good learn about blogging  read this .   The top list are;  1. stumbleupon :this is a good social bookmarking site which allows you to search through great site or topics in respect to your interest which ranges from entertainment,banking,technology,sports,home etc.its a great tool for bloggers or site owners to increase traffic to their sites 2 . delicious : this site is one of the

Online typing jobs

Many big companies all over the world needs the services of one who can render online typing services for them.This type of online business is often referred to as workathome because,you can easily get the job done in the comfort of your homes or offices.Online typing is an avenue to show your typing skill in an exchange for cash,You get jobs posted through your email,get it done and submitted with the stipulated time as instructed in the mail sent.For more online jobs read here Available typing jobs keyforcash ;this is a legitimate site that allows you to type at home,do some basic data entry jobs at your leisure or any spare time and get paid for your services.this site allows  individual at the age of 18+ and above.You set your hours of work and it allows various locations and united states.This site is completely risk free and no form of payment or charges will be asked. how to get started i. a good internet connected pc and a browser  ii get a good working email and a user