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Top 10 adsense sharing site

Earning cash with google adsense on your site is one sure way in online business but can be encouraged by participating in some adsense revenue sharing site.This process is aimed at improving your adsense revenue by posting some content on the sites and the revenue made from your content will be shared based on percentage which ranges from 50% to 100%.Its simply means you create a topic or content on their site,the audience participate and any income from the ads shown will be shared between you and the site.If you need google adsense approval tips please read this . Top list of adsense sharing site  1. squidoo : this is a good social site with high paying percentage of income based on number of valid click of of ad your content. 2 . Flixya : this is a good site which accepts contents ranging from photos,videos and some blogging revenue sharing income is totally 100% 3 . hubpages : this is another good site with a good revenue sharing income.this site allows you to post

Work online as a translator

Online translation is simply the ability of an individual to interprete contents,articles,note etc to the preferred language as required by the client,internet translation services is on high demand because so many companies needs the services of good writers,translators,proofreaders and editors to do most of their work for them.Its a simple process,just register with the site,get approved,get jobs and start interpretting the article or web content.  Translators' requirement 1. internet connected computer 2. credentials or academic records 3 . method of payment 4 . proofs of previous writings 5. multiple language interpretetation 6 . Many companies preferred the paypal as a form of payment after the job is submitted for approval Available jobs 1. we-translate : this site seeks your application letter to become a translator in their company provided you state your personal information,language translated from and into,method of payment etc.if you have the following requirements