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Google adsense is an online advertising program where site owners are allowed to place ads on their site and the site owner earn or make money based on any valid click on the ads.But there some factors that need to be considered before applying for adsense.Just follow the steps and see the change. THE TIPS 1.age: how long the blog has being in existence determines its approval into adsense for instance a 2weeks old blog may not be approved of adsense but a blog of 2-3month old looks eligible for approval 2 . content : more original content needs to be posted on the site and avoidance of duplicated content should be observed.original content enhance google to place their ads on the just make the content unique. 3.adsense policy : site must avoid various google prohibited contents like sex,religion,pornography,sport betting,reading emails,alcohol,racism,hacking etc see more here 4 traffic: new site needs pageviews and popularity,its mandatory the site ensures a reasonabl

Add "follow@twitter" to your site

In a quest to become a successful blogger or site owner,twitter which is known to be a big social networking site plays vital role and making sure your earnings is increase through your site and twitter came up with a widget for your site on how to add " follow@twitter to your site. THE STEPS 1 .signup with twitter using your username and a password 2 .go to: 3 .on the choose "button",click follow 4 .on the button "options" use your username and get the code 5 .login in to your blogger dashboard 6 .Go to layout or design 7 .click on " add a gadget " at sidebar 8 .select  "HTML/Javascript "  and paste the code,you copied earlier. 9 . then  paste the code  10 . lastly press save button check the result on your website. This button on your website will help your visitors to share content and connect with you on Twitter.Feel to drop your comment and subscribe with your emai


Google is the biggest search engine in the world with a whole lots of program to make your business grow.Google has come up with many packages which enhances your business and free to use.The role of google cannot be neglected when you talk of online or offline business.The following program listed below will help you grow and free from google. 1. google adwords :.this is a huge advertising program which allows your poduct/services or website to be shown to millions of people which will later boost traffic or make you product popular thereby increasing your sales due huge pageviews of your product. 2 . google search :this is simply a free program that allow you to search,ask,view,rate and find various answers to your project or research about any topic.just type on your browser and its ready for use.. adsense :this is an opportunity provided by google for individual to make money with their simply become a publisher with google by