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Music is known to be the soul of entertainment and a means of relaxation,but music can make you some cash.Not only the musicians who makes money selling disc but also the listeners too.Unlike many online business which requires some special skills but here,you only listen to the music,rate it,review it and earn. What you need  1.An internet connected pc or phone 2.Working email address 3.Payment method like paypal or preferred 4.Patient How to start 1.Signup with slicethepie a  good reviewing website 2. confirm the link sent to your inbox 3. Register as a reviewer 4. pick songs,listen to it,rate it and submit your review of the song The payment condition Your basic payment per review is based on your ranking. You can earn more by submitting lengthy reviews in well-written English. The better your review, the bigger the bonus payment. slicethepie are encouraging scouts to leave detailed reviews and will reward them for their time/effort! Try to give detailed, varied an


The following companies requires you to submit your curriculum vitae (cv) online and if necessary an application letter.I found it necessary to post this available jobs to you,just send your cv to the email below.Act fast before its get late, 1 . wakanow vacancy : a  business development officer is required at wakanow.please send resume to careers@wakanow before it gets late wakanow vacancy  2 . Aviation vacancy : A reputable aviation industry recruits graduates in all field.please you are required to send your cv to 3 . JMG vacancy: recruits sales executives you are expected to send your cv and applications to 4 . Emil recruits : Emil consulting recruits management  trainee. Please send cv and one application page to 5 . brand vacancy: brand and marketing managers required in a reputable company .please send cv to 6 international vacancy: Nigeria Turkish internation