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Advertising : This is a way of creating awareness of existing product/service in the minds of the public.Advertising persuades the consumer or public to know more about the product and services you render.Advertising also promotes your product and services to the public Purpose of advertisement ● It your source of traffic for both online and offline business owners. ● It encourages customers to know more about you,your product and services. ● It informs the public about your product/services ● It educate the public about your brand or services ● It makes you product become more popular thereby increasing your traffic for site owners. ● It increases the sales of your products and services. ● It makes you earn more from your product or services Free advert placements You can advertise your products and services on the following media for free thereby allowing you to make more money from the sales of your product and services.just follow the instructions below and see you at the top. Go


This site provides the best ideas about online and real offline business and how you can implement some of this ideas and make money for yourself.We are going to be discussing how to become a perfect and professional in any areas of business you want to do either online or offline. It is certained that this topic will be very informative and useful for your daily need and also make some cash with the concept discussed below. Practice makes perfect Every person’s dream is to excel in his/her areas and also to be known.We are going to be discussing this topic under the following : 1. preparation :ask yourself a question about how prepared are you to start a pure water business,recharge card business,web designing,blogging,car sales etc.You need to get prepared for the daily challenges that comes with your business.You need to be equipped and face it,there is no way you will get less but instead,you get more and become successful. 2. Habit : is a thing you often do and fight it hard it