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Self-discovery is a systematic approach to knowing yourself.It means knowing what you have,how to get it right, knowing what you do well and how to concentrate on it to become a great achiever in business or real life.self discovery also means how well you can can make do with what God has endowed you with and using it at the right time and also earning or making money from it. When you realize who you are,your talent,your strength,your purpose,your energy etc will always make you achieve great success in life. Self discovery can also be achieved   once your consciousness of what the creator deposited in you to make you achieve what is destined in you.Self discovery happens when you realize your physical,physiological,mental,emotional,aesthetic,psychological and spiritual endowments are all tools for you to work with to achieve greatness in life.             How to discover yourself There are many ways you can discover yourself and working towards this will make a way for to achieve g


Many online businesses takes different form and types,but one of them is means you can share your photo either professionally or amateur for money.This type of online business is very simple and easy to do.You don’t need to stay online for long hours and finish your data plan but all you have to do is to send your pictures and the websites market them for you.With that,you are making money already with your pics   Sharing pics can be very interesting if only you have the correct information and how to go about it.that is why am here to do that for you.i will give you detailed information and how you can start sharing your pics and earning some cash with it.You dont need to be a photographer or cameraman but a creative mind Your requirement ; you need an internet connection which can be a personal pc or cafĂ©,camera or phone with good picture quality you need a payment method to receive your cash you need a phone that has a required mega pixel   for