What Are Those Things You Can't live Without ?

This site not only provide various legitimate ways to make money online, online jobs, Blogging tips, free tips but we also provide life changing article and interactive post that can make us learn from each other. I was only thinking about my love for phones, computers, gold, Facebook or twitter, electronics etc.

There are various things i cant live without and i really want you to share yours, maybe you have signs that shows you are a Facebook addict but mine ranges much more than becoming a Facebook addict. Aside the basic things of life like food, water and shelter, there are some other things i think i can't live without.

Things i can't live without

1. Water.
2. Taking Bath.
3. Food.
4. Salt and Sugar.
5. Love.
6. Music.
7. Iphone
8. My laptop.
9. Sleeping
10. Beer.
11. My family and Country.
12. Prayer.
13. Exercise and gym.
14. Twitter, Facebook and Google plus.
15. I love my website.
16. The internet.
17. My Blackberry.
18. My Ipad.
19. Friends.
20. Money

This is just the few things out of many thing i can't live without, i might be addicted to some of them while some are just things i can't do without naturally. This is just the writers opinion about things we can't live without, what about yours ?


  1. I cant do without prayer and my small Business..Also i love ma Blackberry too

  2. The fact that i can live, walk, drink, see, smell, eat..i Give God the glory. i don't think i can do without Facebook maybe am a Facebook addict anyway

  3. funny so cant do without beer. make i open bar 4 u nw. lol

  4. I love my talks to enlightening the youth

  5. Sir, you can see that ma Beer was included in the list..funny


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