Top 6 Online Paid Ads for your Brand

Many entrepreneurs believe Advertising is the soul of Business. The more adverts your Brand get, the more money earned. Your brand may be your blog, website, sales page, affiliate links, products, services etc.
You need to get more information on how to make money with your brand through paid ads.

A paid ads is simply the kind of ads that requires one form of payment or the other. You pay for online Advertisement of your goods and services with paid ads, the following paid ads seems to be the best and it proven to be the most effective form of online advertisement

      The Top 5 Paid Ads

1. Google Adwords : Google adwords seems to be the best pay per
click ads network on the internet with lot of users. You simply pay certain amount to advertise your your brand on search engines like Google and in return get million of views on your brand.

2. Yahoo Ad centre : this site allows you to make money by advertising online with search engines like yahoo using a target keyword. You tend to pay to list your ads on Yahoo Ad Center to get more views.

3. Facebook Ads : with over a billion active users, it make sense to earn with Facebook by promoting your product or services with an online paid ads like Facebook advertising program. You simply pay with a credit card or paypal to get your brand on the biggest social networks.

4. Newspaper Ads : you will definitely make money with your product or services by placing your ads on various online newspapers. There are different sizes of ads found on some online newspapers, you only need to make inquiry on the space and get the prize. Newspapers advertisement is really making waves in town now.

5. Email Ads : this type of advertising program requires you to promote your product by sending your ads to a certain number of legitimate mailing list You only need to pay to get a certain number of subscribers and your stuffs get reached to a wider audience with this type of advertisement. Google for good and legitimate email list, pay for the list and see how you make money with it.

6. High Traffic Websites : A recent way to earn cash with paid ads is to buy ad space on some high traffic and popular forums, blogs and some official websites. Imagine the popularity and traffic you get buying an ad space from a site with million of page views a day. You will definitely make money from clicks gotten from those sites.

The essence of this information is to let you know you can make money from your brand by engaging in some paid adverts listed above. I hope you've learnt some tips from this post and making sure you make money from your ads listing on different paid advert sites or free advert sites. Thanks


  1. But the credit card issue is the problem, if i really need a coupon to get ma google adwords.

  2. i really like this post, just a good way of promotion online


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