Top 10 sites for Data Entry jobs

We aimed at providing you with the best site that provides legit date entry jobs. Legitimate Data entry jobs are site which provide online jobs for internet users to work from home and get paid for completing any project or work assigned. Actually another way to make money online.

There are many online data entry job sites but we are going to list the ones that makes the top rated data entry jobs from home. You simply work from home in front of your computer and get the jobs done.

Note : you need to get your preferred method of payment  which maybe Paypal, direct bank payment, western union or payza before signing up for this online jobs. But if you don't have Paypal, you are free to use Graphcard which can help you claim your checks. Learn more about Graphcard now..

Top Rated Data Entry Jobs

1. Scriptlance :  visit Scriptlance for more.

2. Elance :  visit Elance for more.
3. Getacoder ;  visit Getacoder for more.
4. Rentacoder :  visit Rentacoder for more.
5. Freelancer :  visit Freelancer for more.
6.  visit Getacoder for more.
7. Warrior forum :  visit the jobs section of warrior forum
8. Fiverr :  see new ways to earn on fiverr.
9. Online typing jobs :  see full info about online typing jobs
10.Question and Answer sites :  see full question and answers site

Visit those sites above to see the real and legitimate work from home data entry. Check their reviews on various blogs, forums and social networks. It may not necessarily be a get rich quick scheme but the site listed above are recommended data entry jobs site. Thanks.


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  2. i use to patronise those sites,but i discovered one may not even reach minimum payout all 2ru ones lifetime

  3. Thanks, there's been some good review on how people make money on those site, especially warrior forum jobs and fiverr..thanks for the comment

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  6. i discovered one might not even reach minimum payout all 2ru ones life - See a lot of data entryat:top-10-sites-for-data-entry-jobs.


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