How to Use Graphcard

I decided to write this post when i considered the benefits using Graphcard. Graphcard is one of the best online payment method if Paypal is not operating in your country. Graphcard can be seen as an alternative to Paypal because it provide what paypal does.

With Graphcard, you are able to pay for goods and service irrespective of your location, you can make payment, receive payments, request money, withdraw money, buy gift items, receive money, receive checks, buy and sell online, make some online money transfer etc.

With Graphcard prepaid cards, you can make purchase online and you get the good delivered to your door steps. Graphcard ensures good online money making easy because you good send your earnings in form of cash or checks to Graphcard and you earn your cash.

How Graphcard Works

1. Open a free account @ graphcard.
2. Confirm your email account.
3. Set up a buyer or merchant account.
4. Get a password
5. Get the login pin
6. Get your address e.g 8101 Sandy spring road, Pmb 12xxx, Suite 220, Laure 20207, Maryland.USA.
7. Your own account is the pmb or box number, which is allocated to your account because all graphcard has the same address but different PMB or P.O number.
8. Fund your account with the best graphcard funding partner available in your country.

Advantages of Using Graphcard

1. You pay for good and services online
2. You could use graphcard to get your survey check
3. You could use graphcard to get a US address virtual address
4. To request cash
5. To transfer cash
6. To make money online.
7. To ship any good bought online.
8. Foreign currency exchange.
9. For business
10. To pay for hosting, domain or register for premium sites.
11. Get a dedicated US phone number.

When it comes to money transfer, request or cash withdrawal online, then Graphcard seems to be amongst the best. Give graphcard a trial and see the smooth online business transactions. Thanks.


  1. i paid to get this information online and you pass it for free. very nice

  2. Can I use this card for Facebook advertising

  3. yea, the graphcard prepaid card is used for fb ads and not the graphcard account

  4. Nice I have bin using graph card to cash my cheques I earn from paid surveys


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