How to Spend Your Time on Internet

With my internet connected phone or laptop, i spend more time online due to the fact that i made the internet my friend. Many may not have seen the internet as a big market place where you can buy and sell, promote your website, product and services. Many may see any internet things as scam but its not  so.

I have seen a good number of young guys spend time on 2go chat, Facebook chat, yahoo chat, dating site etc while others are seriously making money with their internet connected gadget and time. This is just an Advice for the jobless and telling them on simple things to do to earn money.

I wish i had this information some years back. Nevertheless, its never late for us to learn from each other and let earn cash from the internet. I have little things i do to make money online
and are listed below;

Things i do Online

1. I invest my time into Blogging.
2. I do some sport business.
3. I share links of my product or services on Facebook or twitter.
4. I write reviews for new product or website.
5. I keep learning on how to earn with Google.
6. I keep learning on how to earn with Twitter.
7. I keep learning on how to earn on Facebook.
8. I  keep learning on how to write articles and make money with it.
9. I make research on new things on Google.
10. I get busy with gmail, make videos on youTube, make some new post through blogger, spread on social networks etc.

Its not so difficult to change your ways of wasting time on the internet and get busy to participating in some online jobs and also to make money online. Its no scam but real. Just take a look at me in few yrs time, then i will rule my niche. You can also set a goal for yourself too. Thanks for reading Earn Online.


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