How to Buy/Sell Locally Made Craft Online

Many have asked the question on how and Where to buy or sell their locally made craft online? Your locally made product which can be Cloths, Jewelries, Beads, Furniture, Herbs, Christmas stuffs, Gift cards, Fabrics etc can also find it presence on the buyers and and sellers online sites.

You only need to define the best payment method you feel is convenient for you whereas Paypal seems to be the  fastest payment service for online transactions.

Aside from listing your locally made craft on Craiglist, You can also make money online selling your hand made product by listing them on Etsy where any interested buyers/sellers can see and pay for it.

Getting Started.

1. Register with etsy.
2. Confirm your email subscription
3. Indicate a buyer or seller
4. Make a good snapshot of your product.
5. Find or Browse a category for your locally made craft.
6. Select a region and means of Payment
7. Indicate currency option
8. Place your prize.
9. Add to cart.
10. Start your online publicity for your product listing.

This is also another way to earn during Christmas by selling/buying some locally or hand made product online. Etsy is reliable when it comes to buying and selling anything hand made or local supplies. Thanks


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