Facebook vs Google Plus

Recently, Facebook announced it has over a Billion active users while a recent study show that the Google plus badge has over 3 Billion clicks a day. It shows that Both Google Plus and Facebook are really great social networks.

Since Google plus is own by Google inc, it has many advantages especially for site owners while Facebook is also relevant for site or business owners. Both Facebook and Google plus can help us earn with website or blog.

Internet expert believe Google plus is very relevant when it comes to blog or site visibility on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. But with the introduction of Facebook pages and groups, people tends to use
Facebook to make money by advertising and exposing their brand on the biggest social network in the world.

We are not trying to make you believe either Facebook or Google plus is the best but how to efficiently use the both to get traffic to make money , to promote your brand etc

Not only Facebook or Twitter is the only social network widely used now but Google plus is gradually stepping up to displace some of this social network off their rank.

Feel free to use the search this blog above to learn how to earn with Facebook, how to earn with Google, how to earn with Twitter or YouTube.

If you are a site owner, please for more traffic or popularity, you need to install the Facebook like button or Google plus button to get the best out of this big social networks. Thanks


  1. i like facebook that google plus

  2. Google plus is preferable especially for site owners or bloggers, many a time the basis of good search engine tips while Facebook rocks for the non bloggers.


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