Chitika is Legit

Chitika is a legitimate pay per click program which allows site owners or bloggers to earn with their website. Many online workers see chitika as an alternative to Google Adsense. Chitika allow users to display ads on their website, mobile or blog to make money from it.

Chitika is another way of making money online by displaying relevant ads on your website and earn cash with your site traffic inform of clicks or impression. Chitika can be used with another PPC program like Google Adsense or Addynamo.

Chitika payments are sent when earnings reach $10 through checks or Paypal and payment are prompt. Chitika ensure real revenue earning platform only if you do not click on your ads or false impression on ads. I have seen review on blogs and forums with proof of payments.
How to  Make Money with Chitika

1. Get started by signing up as a publisher @ chitika
2. Confirm your email.
3. Get the code and insert it.
4. View ads placement.
5. Drive traffic.
6. Start making money

Chitika recently introduced a pay-per-call program for mobile ads which enable publishers to make more cash from their ads. If you don't have Google Adsense, then give chitika a trial and make cash from this program. Thanks


  1. yup chitika is 100% legit.I myself earning some money with this in my blog :)

  2. its time for me to add chitika ads on ma site nd make cash with it

  3. Never tried it, but soon. Cool Dayo


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