How to Sell Website or Blog

Selling a website or blog is one of the trending ways to make money online. You choose to sell your website for any reason best known to you. You can sell online or offline depending on which method you like. Especially if you are a web designer, then this is an avenue to earn cash with website.

Your website or blog will attract good buyers if it has achieved a good Alexa ranking, Google page rank, number of back links, method of monetization, platform and site popularity. You can get all this information by grading your website before listing it for sale.

Top Place to Sell your Website.

1. Flippa : this is the best site to get buyers for your site,
flippa is a place to buy and sell blogs or website.visit flippa and get your site listed on their website market place where buyers can see. You get paid instantly to your account.

2. Social Networks : you may sell your site on Facebook or Twitter by listing them and making your friends know the site is up for sale.

3. Classified ads site : sites like ebay, amazon, craiglist, olyx, clickbank, fiverr  etc are good site to list your site for sale and make money with it.

4. Forums : you may choose to sell your website by displaying them the market place of well established forum like warrior forum or any other good forum online.

5. Offline adverts : you can also sell your website offline by placing website for sale on pages of Newspapers, flyers, hand bills and mouth to mouth adverts.

6. Post about the site : this is another good way to sell your blog or website. Simply write a short post about your intention to sell the site. Highlighting the daily page views, earnings and ranking of the site online. This will alert your readers or visitors that your website is on for sale.

We've just highlighted some ways you can make money by selling your website. You can develop many blog site especially on wordpress platform, do some traffic and seo techniques and list them on flippa for sale. Interested website buyer may pay for such site if the advantages and website worth are clearly stated. Thanks


  1. nice idea, especially the flippa suggestions.

  2. correct, i think the payment method for flippa is paypal.

  3. i searched all through but now i can see clearly where to list my site for sale.thanks

  4. post your site on tradestable nd olyz, then buyers will come

  5. I used the service of BizBroker24, they sold my site in only 3 weeks.


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