How to Grade your Website

Many people see their website as their brand, business or office because so many activities takes place on the site. Their site provide a daily income for them by way of advertisement or other online promotion which in return make them earn with their website.

You can now grade your website with this post, the grading process tells you all you need to know about your site and how you need to improve the site. Using this website grading link tell you about your site based on the following areas of website improvement ;

1. Traffic generation.
2. Search engine optimization tips.
3. Social networks tips.
4. Full site analysis.
5. Content analysis.
6. Backlink reports.
7. Url Worth.

You can  grade your site here >>>  Grade your Site

Ensure you grade your blog or website with the bolded link above to learn some new things and areas of website improvement on your site. If you don't have a site, start a free website by reading how to start blogging. Thanks.


  1. nice post, i've the just the grade of my website with this post..its nice

  2. thanks, i tried it and it works great

  3. Good measurement of ma site

  4. Wao, this is indeed a great tool, it gives an indepth analysis of the performance of one's blog. Weldone Dayo. Keep the good work.

  5. Nice way to grade my site.good post dayo bro.
    A Similar type article of mine Why use internet marketing

  6. This is a very useful idea boss. Thanks for this.

  7. I cant be boss where you guys rocks


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