How to Earn with Facebook Page

Facebook page is an interesting program from Facebook which allows its users create a page for product, personal, self, brand and many more. Just recently, Facebook announced it has over a billion active users with trillion page views. Facebook is not only a social network but a tool to make money online.

Facebook page has been a new program which has helped people get huge traffic on their site, it has also helped promote a company or a product thereby giving it more sales. Facebook page has made it possible for Facebook users to Earn from Facebook. Just see below and learn how to make money from Facebook page.

How to Earn with Facebook Page

1. Self promotion : If you own a Facebook page or if the page is not yours, you can earn through it, if such Facebook page has lot of fans and visitors. You will simply make money from this page by displaying your product or services in such page and any interested buyer or customer orders for such product or services.

2. Affiliate links : You can also earn from Facebook page by displaying your affiliate links i.e if you sell other people product especially from Clickbank or Amazon. Many internet marketers claim that they make huge money from the sales of Affiliate product on Facebook pages.

3. Your website : the Facebook page can also be a source of Facebook traffic on your site because its been used by registered Facebook users. The more the traffic on your site, the more the exposure, the more publicity and the more money you earn.

4. Monetization links :  You may post any of the link to your website containing monetized links like Addynamo, Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika and Infolink. The traffic from Facebook pages can also help you make money on any valid visit or impression on the links.

5. Alert : you can use your Facebook page to alert your fans, visitors or customers of your new product or services, you can use your page to advertise your new brand, you may also use the page to alert your fans about any change in price of your stuffs and in return, you make money with the Facebook page.

If you really need to earn with Facebook page, then you need to grow your Facebook fans, your Facebook- likes and share which will bring about a huge Facebook traffic for your product. If you have other ways on how to earn with Facebook page or any question, please feel free to use the comment box below. Thanks


  1. Nice one. This is very true and i said it is still majorly earn some people non stop

  2. Thanks for the comment, people can make money from facebook pages

  3. I like this info, facebook is really making me high dis days

  4. Facebook has helped me earn almost #17,000 between two months selling my products so, i must confess its one of its kind.

  5. Facebook has helped me earn almost #17,000 between two months selling my products so, i must confess its one of its kind.

  6. Thanks profvicky, for the comment

  7. I like this post, but how can i drive traffic to ma facebook page cus i have limited facebook friends

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  10. She is the most popular female celebrity on Facebook, followed by Lady Gaga at only 300,000 fans behind.


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