Advice for The Jobless

The aim of our site "Earn Online" is to provide free information on online or offline activities that pays. We decided to write this post due to the high increase of unemployment in this country and what the jobless or unemployed can do to make money online or offline.

Making money through the internet does not require so much but your computer or phone, internet connection and time. If you know you don't have a job or you are seriously searching for a job, why not get to earn online with the internet.

The time spent on 2go, Twitter or Facebook, dating sites etc will be the time you will use for your online business. Browse through various money making ideas on Earn Online and you will surely see that we provide various money making ideas which may be online business or online business.

For the Jobless

1. Join some legitimate online jobs site which post fresh
job vacancies on their site.
2. Apply to series of available jobs online.
3. Start online business like Blogging.
4. Start to sell online.
5. Promote your product or service on Facebook. see how to Earn on Facebook
6. Promote your stuffs on Twitter. see how to Earn on Twitter.
7. Although this may take some time to make money but start with Google Adsense.
8. Create a free website and Earn with your Website.
9. Visit fiverr and see what you ca do to Earn with fiverr.
10. If  you are a photographer, you can Earn with photography.
11. While you are still looking for job, please invest online with Blogging.
12. With a little capital you can do sport business.
13. With little capital start a music business
14. With little capital, start a Fashion business.
15. If you have a car, make money with the car.

Many more of this online business and money making ideas are here @ Earn Online if you use the search box above this page, search any money related issues from our money making page, Blogging tips page, Online jobs page etc.

 If you have any question or suggestion for this site, please feel free drop your comment below. Better still subscribe with your email to get fresh update from us. Thanks


  1. thats what we do, to provide free info about online business

  2. this site is really trying, i like the site...keep it up

  3. liked your blog.very true and informative idea for jobless.
    free labool like blogger template

  4. Blogging can really be a good source of income for bloggers.

  5. With almost everyone almost facing the sad realities of losing a job, this is good information.


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