Working Online vs Online Dating Sites

I have seen the internet grow so big that different activities takes place in it. The early days of internet experiences the popularity of some online dating sites where people spend time making friends and having fun but the online money making sites and social networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn seems to be the trending site on the internet with lot of active users

The popularity of some online dating site really seems to be struggling because people spend most of their time on working online to earn money or some spend their time on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Am beginning to see that many people prefer to make money online only if they find the real and legitimate ways to make the money, rather than spend hours on some online dating site. Online dating site also has it own fun because people get real entertainment from people of other countries, make friend which may lead to marriage and also have the best of fun while working online is to earn income with your internet enabled computer or phone.

But there are real online dating site where you have fun and also their real legitimate site that pays, Just that i've not heard much about this some of this online dating site instead everywhere is filled with earn money online. So what do you think about this, Does it mean the online dating sites are gradually being pushed aside by the work online sites ?


  1. The days of badoo and others seems interesting but now its facebook or twitter

  2. Some dating sites are just sending mail notifications as a reminder, they are finished

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