Webcam Earnings: Good or Bad

Not long ago, i wrote a post on 15 Things i wouldn't do to make money and as i was only trying to surf through yahoo messenger room, i got invited to people inviting me to watch them on their web came for free. The web camera users see this as a way of making money, but really i experience some interesting things in there.

Despite i prefer gmail chat but i still want to have some fun with yahoo chat rooms. This girls are making money on their free web camera. Still many see this as internet fun and how to make money with it, i believe in other ways to make money on webcam and not what i see from this chat rooms.

Common False ways to make money on webcam

1. Indecent dancing for money.
2. Singing for money.
3. Posing for money.
4. Indecent snapshot for money.
5. Indecent act for money.

Their are product and services you can allow people see on webcam and make money  from any sales of such product and not indecent act and some funny show of shame practice by this free webcam users. Enter any room on yahoo chat room and see how you will bombarded with such indecent girls and guys there.

If you believe there are better things one can allow people watch on web camera, please drop your comment and let learn from you.


  1. that why i don't really use yahoo chat again, those people especially the foreigner all post indecent stuffs there.

  2. I really don't like those rooms, because the place is filled with some funny things instead of real and serious stuffs

  3. i will use my webcam promote my music, which is useful other than just be posting some rubbish things

  4. true! sad to say some are earning money by that 5 acts listed above:( mostly indecent

  5. They think that indecent act is good for them to earn money but bad

  6. There are some indecent groups on chat. This is one of the reasons I limit chat contacts with close friends.

  7. That's why I don't like those chat.They are full of rubbish....


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