Trending Ways to Earn on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the popular and legitimate site that allows you to earn money online based on the kind of service and product you want or can offer. Fiverr works like an online selling and buying site, but this buying or selling of good, brand or services is called gigs.

It means you may describe a gig on Fiverr as an item, skill or services you want to buy or sell to make money. Any gigs on Fiverr either you are buying or selling has a fixed prize of $5. There is nothing you sell or buy you will definitely earn or pay $5 for it.

Fiverr works by placing your gigs in form of advert on their site which when a buyer or seller place an order on it, $5 is transferred to your account. That is why working on fiverr is currently the best way to earn cash online if you really have what to offer. Below shows some trending ways people are making money online on Fiverr.

Ways to Make Money on Fiverr

1. You could sell physical things
2. You could sell your hand made craft.
3. If you are a musician, you can sell your music or sing for people.
4. If you are an Artist, you can sell your art work for buyers.
5. You can provide a blog or web design to make cash.
6. You can offer keyword research or seo for pay.
7. You can sell your original articles for buyers.
8. You can be a girl friend or boyfriend for money.
9. If can sell or make a video for buyers.
10. You can offer to share someone product or links on your Facebook wall for cash.
11. You can offer to tweet a product or links for your twitter follower for cash.
12. You offer yourself for cash
 and many more.

All these things described above are called gigs you can use to make money on fiverr. Just sign up on fiverr, read and agree to its term and conditions, pick a payment method which is paypal and start posting your gigs to see if any interested buyers will order and get paid with $5. Please don't fall for fake proof of earnings. Feel free to use the comment box if you have any question or more ideas on how to earn on Fiverr.  Thanks


  1. yea, people are beginning to see fiverr as a perfect way of making money online

  2. Thanks for the list,,I will try out a couple of them

  3. i like this post but the area of craft and beads is where i want to place ma gigs for buyers to see

  4. @deco slim, you are the boss..thanks for the comment

  5. Nice post with lots of info on fiverr. But am getting it difficult making money on fiverr with ma gigs


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