Online or Offline Advertisement : Which is better ?

Advertising or promotion of one's product or services now have 2 different ways of advert which involves the online advertisement and the offline advert style. The offline advertisement used to be the popular way of advert like radio, television, posters, hand bill and newspaper adverts  while the online advert involves the use of internet.

Online advertisement or internet promotion is the popular kind of advert which involves the use of blogs, forum, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads program etc. With the recent announcement of Facebook that its has over a billion active users and Google being the biggest search engine in the world.

According to survey, people tends to spend more time on the internet. The internet seems to be friends with lot of users especially the social network users. Facebook ads and Google Adword program are the common online advertising program with lot of views.

The offline advertising system like posters, radio, bill etc also stands as a good way of product promotion but due to increase in the number of internet users and online program, online advertisement is really having edge over local adverts.

Different ways of online adverts
1. Blogs
2. Forums
3. Classified ads site like craiglist, tradestable, olyx, clickbank, ebay etc
4. Sales page, and many more ways to advert or sell online.

The online advertising seems to be free or very cheap compared to offline advert like newspapers which many product owners may not afford. Online advertising despite its cheap but very effective. Do you believe in Online advertisement than the offline? Please feel free to drop your comment and let learn from you. Thanks.


  1. The online advert is really making waves with facebook and twitter interactions

  2. With my own profession as in music, both offline and online rock..i can promote my music online and offline

  3. for me i think ofline advertising is better than online advertizing when it come to information marketing in nigeria i get more responses advertising my ebook on newspapers than posting it online what you have to do is create a sales letter on a blog and advertise it on newspaper classified ads leaving you site link at the bottom of the page,you'll get floods of traffic.
    get some info @ am still an upcoming blogger.

  4. Online is gradually getting popular but offline remains the best for now, although its very expensive especially the newspaper advert...whereas newspaper advert can also go online and make some perfect sales too


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