Is Money Really Evil ?

Many people believed in a popular quote that says " Money is the root of all evil " while some few people seems not to fully believe in this quote. We work hard, do business, invest, blog and buy/sell different things just to make money offline or earn money online.

According to this quote, it means the money we earn can therefore be a source of evil or good when not properly used. Some people say the goodness and evil in money depends on the individual who spends or earn the money. But let quickly see below to show how money can be used as good or evil.

When Money Becomes Evil

1. Money becomes evil when you focus desperately on making money.
2. When the greed for acquiring money increases.
3. When you kill to make money.
4. When you sell your body to earn money.
5. When you sell your soul to make money.
6. When you kill to achieve greatness with your money.

When Money Becomes Good

1.When you feed the poor with your earned money.
2. When you donate your money to charities and some less privileged.
3. When you bless people with your money.
4.  When you refuse to worship your earned money.
5. When you refuse to worship your huge money and forget your God, wife/husband or kids.

Looking at the two sides, it shows that money not only can be the root of all evil but also the root of goodness. According to survey, many people believes too much money brings more problem with high desperate activities to get money while some other people also see money as necessities, money can bring happiness and also a source of good living.

Please let learn from you about this quote "money is the root of all evil" ? by using the comment box below or if any additional ideas, please let hear your view about this. Thanks.


  1. yea, the bible say money is the root of all evil, it means different things to different people but to me, i think its the greed in getting the money that makes it evil

  2. the earner or spender can definitely make it evil or good....thanks

  3. Money according to the quote is the root of evil cuz money brings some wicked tins, bombs, ritual, forgery, theft etc

  4. In summary, Money really is not bad but the use of money. as you've rightly said it depends on the individual.
    Money itself is not bad but how the money is used.
    nice write up Dayo.

  5. even the rich also cry, money brings lot of goodness but also the root of evil,i agree with you poster. very beautiful interesting topic.

  6. Well the complete quote is "LOVE of money is the root of all evil." I agree with what you say. Here in the USA we have come to measure success in terms of dollars earned or "gained." Money should be ONE factor in decisions made not THE factor. Do what you love, help others, and have faith that the rest will fall into place.

  7. Yea, thanks for the comment, do what u love and help others is really the most important thing.


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