How to Earn with Website

Many people see their website as their brand, office, business, investment, work, career, friend etc they work, update and earn money with it. A website or blog can be seen as a way of online promotion, online advertisement ,online business, online jobs and a way of making money online.

A blog or website also function as a tool to making money online or offline. A website promote your business, your product, your service, your thought and also used to sell anything online. There are different ways to earn with your website and are discussed briefly below.

 Top 5 Ways to make money with website or blogs.

1. Self promotion : your blog or website can make you earn money by displaying your product or services on it. More views of your displayed stuffs in return bring more sales to the product or services therefore making you earn more money.

2. Pay per click : you can also make money or earn money with your website by registering with some legitimate money making site like Addynamo, Google Adsense, Adbrite, or Fortune51 Ad Network. But before you can make money with this paying site, you need to have considerable traffic on your blog or website, search engine optimization and some good update.

3. Review : You can make money with your website or blog by writing reviews for some high paying  review site. This site will pay you to write a review about a new product or new service, you get paid to review product on your blog and in return you make money with your site. Google some product review site and you will get huge list of them that pays.

4. Banner : you can also make money with your blog by placing banners of other people product or services on your blog. The advertiser may like you to place their site banner or product banner in different size on your blog and you get paid for those banners on your site or blog.

5. Affiliate Marketing : you make money doing affiliate marketing with some good affiliate site like Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay etc. This affiliate marketing involves picking other people's product or service and advertising them on your blog or site. You earn based on the sales generated from your website.

These are the top ways to earn with one's website and i see the need for you to start a blog if you don't have a website or as a website owner, you can also add a blog to a section of your site. This blog will give room for regular update and in return, more visitors will be attract and more money will be made.

Feel free add your own ideas on how to earn with blog or website by using the comment box below. We need to learn from you and also we need to earn like you. Thanks.


  1. yea, good post, i can make money with my site even if the product is a local craft

  2. I like this post, i really need to start a blog cuz the future of the internet will be great, i need this information, i need to expose my stuffs online..thankyou

  3. Many Bloggers Do Underestimate Their Earning Potential by Putting all there trust in Adsense and Ppc,i Made Hundreds Of Dollars Today Just by Writing A Post On Windows 8 and linking it to Amazon via my affilate Url,and yet my adsense Earning is less than a euro

  4. yh making money with your blog is much more than adsense thanks for the info.

  5. You can also make money creating ads space of different sizes on ur blog or website

  6. Thats y i created a music site to enjoy promoting ma stuffs online

  7. That’s amazing. I am seriously impressed and happy for you. I imagine that had to have been so rewarding for you after the long wait.

  8. It was a pleasure to read your blog. Good luck with everything.


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