How to Earn on Facebook

Facebook has just announced it has over a billion active subscribers and one begins to wonder what the future holds for a big social networks like Facebook. But you can also earn money from this huge users of Facebook while maintaining it fun. This is the simplest way to make money online if you have not been earning online.

Earning on Facebook is like making money on Twitter but the difference between Facebook or Twitter is that twitter allows unlimited followers while Facebook restrict the amount of friends you can have but also unlimited Facebook fans and likes.

Earning money on Facebook is quite easy if you carefully read this post and learn some few tips. While many people are busy chatting, reading messages and having fun on Facebook, you could also have that same fun and make money with your Facebook account.

Ways to Earn money on Facebook

1. Friends : if you have a huge number of friends on Facebook like 4,000 and above, you can easily earn cash with your friends by exposing your brand, product, services, your hand made craft, your area of expert etc. Posting some of this on your wall might get you noticed and therefore be called anytime.

2. Fiverr : fiverr is a legitimate site which allow users to get paid by posting anything in form of advert on their site. Making money on Fiverr with your Facebook friends is the latest money making ways to earn on Fcaebook. Simply meet some site owners or producers and tell them you can advertise their product for your 4,000 facebook frineds and get paid.

3. Facebook Traffic : This is referred to as the views you get on your site, product, sales page, services etc. Facebook traffic or getting views can be achieved when you post the link of your site or product on different pages, groups, community or forum on Facebook. To get this traffic, you need start a blog, get your brand or product in form of a link and post it on your Facebook wall, then you earn when any interested friends buys the product.

4. Adsense : you can make money from Facebook by blogging about your product, services, craft, designs, ideas etc by starting a blog about them and after a while integrating pay per click program like Google adsense or Addynamo. You earn when you share the link on your Facebook wall and earn from any valid clicks or impression, although many expert see this as low earnings but with the huge traffic you get, you can make more money.

If everyone is making money on Facebook, you can also earn by reading this tips and carefully work on it. These are latest ideas on how to earn on Facebook, it is real but not a get rich quick scheme. Especially if you have a good handwork, why not advertise it on Facebook and see how you will earn money from it. Thanks.


  1. I bought an ebook on how to earn on facebook, am telling you that this information here is far more better than the ebook i bought..good info

  2. Instead of wasting time on 2go and fb chats, this tips is good enough.

  3. Thanks for the comment and keep earning

  4. yea, i recently have my way on huge sales since i started using facebook for my promotion..its nice,the social media helps in sale of products

  5. @ rebecaa, Thanks for the comment

  6. This is the right information for me to make money with facebook especially with ma blog and music career

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