How to add Twitter Follow Button with Count on Blogger

Twitter seems to be the fastest growing social network on the internet with lot of advantages.  For website owners or bloggers,  twitter traffic or getting traffic from Twitter can be achieved by installing Twitter share button, Twitter follow button or re tweet button.

All this Twitter button allow easy sharing or tweeting among Twitter followers and other Twitter which in returns bring Twitter Traffic to your site or blog. As we know that having huge traffic on a site brings more money for the site or blog owner. This Twitter follow button will show follow@name with the count or numbers of your Twitter followers.

How to add Twitter Follow button with count On Blogger.

1. Login to your dashboard.
2. Click on layout menu.
3.  Click on add gadget.
4. Highlight and Paste the code below on the pop up menu.

5.  <a href="" class="twitter-follow-button">Follow @daayur</a>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

6. Replace the daayur you see with red color with your twitter username.
7.  Press save and view your blog. 

Immediately after doing this, you will see follow@username with the number of your Twitter followers. This simple widget will make you get easy followers because when they see the number of your followers, they will believe your brand or blog is no scam.

Install this Twitter widget and see your followers increase, your Twitter traffic automatically increases your website traffic thereby allowing you to make more money from Twitter. Thanks.


  1. Thanks, did you see follow@daayur with numbers of my Twitter followers by the side, exactly

  2. The presence of Twitter follow button works at times, i removed the one already had but to install a new one with count, great

  3. nice just added it to my blog @xinisblogs

  4. Yes, i see, the descrition is very simple and i love it

  5. Yea i see it, it works after som few seconds when i reloaded it

  6. twitter followers on your Twitter account without having to spend your whole bank roll.


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